Seminario: “MPPT with Measurement Cells for Non-Linear Feedback Control and Linear Control in Three-Phase of Voltage Source Converter”

Presentador: Rodrigo Hernán Morales Melo

Magíster en Ciencias de la Ingeniería con mención en Conversión de Energía, UTALCA-UBB

Lugar: Laboratorio LACCEER, Edificio de Tecnologías Emergentes
Fecha: Jueves 29 de Noviembre a las 09.00 horas

Abstract: Nowadays the efficient of photovoltaic cells is not higher than 20%. At present the efficiency of photovoltaic cells does not exceed 20%, so, making the most of this source of energy is of great importance. This is why techniques have been studied to take advantage of the maximum power point (MPP) in these systems. Typically the obtaining of the MPP is by means of control algorithms applied in a dc/dc converter. This investigation presents the obtaining of the MPP through two measurement cells, a cell in short-circuit and another in open circuit, to then apply a power control and current to the system, so as not to use a dc/dc converter.

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